Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Judas Sheep

There is something known as a Judas sheep

These are sheep that lead their own brothers and sisters to their doom and slaughter, when the time comes, they escape before the slaughter is apon themselves.

The rest of the sheep follow the "Judas" to their own doom, even through the slaughtered screams of their kin before them.

Clearly, there are not only "Judas sheep" among beasts, there are those among men that would lead their own to slaughter as well.

The question arises;

Do Judas sheep know what they are doing and what will become of their brothers and their sisters?

I would think most of these "Judas sheep" both sheep and men, probably not, for these sheep and and these men have been conditioned to do what they do.

They don't exactly see or understand where they lead those behind them, they think it's their calling in life

However, among men there ARE Judas sheep that DO know what they are doing

They are part of the very plot.

I don't believe most people that support this administration even through the legislation that flies in the face of their own best interest, or most people that try to convince others that these are good policies actually know that they have become Judas sheep

Supporting these policies that attack the fiber of the middle class demonstrates how effective the corporate propaganda machine really is.

I believe most of the middle class in America who vote republican are just sheep, they are the victims of the corporate propaganda machine, they are shallow and lazy, and they are hypnotized by the marketing strategies of corporate enterprise


The politicians and the media personalities who repeat things like "talking points" do know what they are doing.

People that manage to convince the American public in behalf of policies that fly in the face of reason.

People that protect and defend those who forged data and initiated unprovoked war against countries that they know pose no threat to our country.

And people that protect or defend policies that would actually siphon vital resources FROM our fight against terrorism, and take the equipment and funding FROM the boys and girls that desperately need those resources if they are to succeed.

And people that protect or defend policies that create terrorism in countries where none existed before, and policies like those that deliberately destroy the infrastructure of the country we overthrow.

And those policies that make believe we are rebuilding a country we have which we have invaderd and over thrown with forged data as our excuse

And leaving the people we overthrow with less electricity, less water, even LESS GASOLINE in an oil rich land!

Policies like those that would dismiss the military forces of a country we overthrow, let loose men who hate America with passion, and actually let them go WITH their weapons!

Policies that deliberately allow government grade cache of arms and weapons to be stolen by those that would do us harm.

And those policies that deliberately dilute the military, the might and ability of the armed forces of America, making her less capable of self defense

Policies that give control of American ports in the heart of the American infrastructure to companies we know support terrorists like Bin Laden, and worse, terrorist organizations like A Qaeda


Policies that deliberately underfund programs that are absolutely necessary for national security.

People that defend the head of state who would sit around and play guitar when he's been told an American city would be under water, told two days before it would happen.

Policies that would give free money, free land, and free reign to corporations that have the largest profit in the history of planet earth.

Policies that would tell these corporations they wouldn't have to follow the health regulations that keep people safe from the mining industry.

Policies that would take our very own money which we have been investing for generations, and give those assets to the richest people on the planet, people who will never ever spend it...our hard earned money which we earmarked for our retirement, which we earmarked for our parents health and drug care, and most important, investments we earmarked for our children's college education.

Even your kids future is not a sacrifice too great to these Judas sheep.

It's mind boggling the damage that can be done to this country before the people that enable it realize what's happening.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Let's Have a War

wow, redd from firedog lake gets it right;

The Bush administration's use of intelligence on Iraq did not just blur this distinction; it turned the entire model upside down. The administration used intelligence not to inform decision-making, but to justify a decision already made. It went to war without requesting -- and evidently without being influenced by -- any strategic-level intelligence assessments on any aspect of Iraq. (The military made extensive use of intelligence in its war planning, although much of it was of a more tactical nature.) Congress, not the administration, asked for the now-infamous October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq's unconventional weapons programs, although few members of Congress actually read it. (According to several congressional aides responsible for safeguarding the classified material, no more than six senators and only a handful of House members got beyond the five-page executive summary.) As the national intelligence officer for the Middle East, I was in charge of coordinating all of the intelligence community's assessments regarding Iraq; the first request I received from any administration policymaker for any such assessment was not until a year into the war. (emphasis mine)I highlight this specific passage because it is a theme that we have seen time and again with the Bush Administration. From Paul O'Neill to Richard Clark to Lawrence Wilkerson and now to Pillar: the Administration had a desired outcome -- war with Saddam Hussein -- and was willing to bend whatever rules, information, and planning that was necessary to achieve that outcome. Ends justifies the means.There has been a substantial amount of discussion in the last week regarding this Administration's lack of support for candor -- and the President and his staff's repudiation of criticism, even from within their circle of supporters. (The most recent article on the subject was raised by none other than GOP mouthpiece Bob Novak, highlighted here last night.) Without some mechanism for internal criticism, some check and balance on the inside of the process wherein important decisions are made, how is it that mistaken decisions are to be refined or poor judgments to be called for what they are? Glenn Greenwald has a couple of superb posts up regarding the Administration's illegal NSA domestic spying and foreign policy concerns that deserve a read and some thought on the Democratic end of things. If I have any quibble with Glenn it is this: on the NSA domestic spying issue, the reason that Republicans keep bringing up having a new law when there is a perfecvtly good one on the books is that, logically, if they admit that FISA is workable as it is, then they must admit that the Administration has been breaking the law all along. The thought that a new law is necessary to fix things is the red herring that the Administration apologists in Congress must keep bringing up -- otherwise, they must admit, both to themselves and publicly, that the President has repeatedly broken the law. Which brings up an entire mess of legal and impeachment issues that none of them want to touch -- it's the third rail for them -- and thus the straw man of a need for a new law to fix the non-broken system.What I want to emphasize, though, is the importance of continuing pressure on your members in both the House and Senate on this issue. Laura Rozen caught an interesting piece in Pat Roberts' hometown newspaper that may explain, more than anything else, his shifting public statements about oversight or not from the Senate Intelligence Committee. And Olympia Snowe's and Chuck Hegel's and a whole mess of other shifting perspectives over the weekend.Republican politicos have perfected the art of base mobilization on message in hometown newspapers and on small town talk radio. Progressives need to use this more and more -- to point out that not only is there a counter-argument, but that these sentiments are alive and well in every home town in America. Why not take the apparatus they've set up and use it against them?That feeling of community that each of us gets from coming to this blog or to other progressive blogs, that feeling that "you are not alone" is a temporary fix -- but the fact of the matter is that you are NOT alone, that there are more of us out there than the media ever lets on, and that if we all stood up and spoke our minds, there would be a sea change in the local opinion pages and on the talk radio shows in all our towns.Just imagine it. And contemplate the pressure we could all, individually and collectively, bring to bear on issues like:-- Pat Roberts' doing the President's dirty work by once again blocking any investigation of illegal activity by the Administration. (NYTimes)-- White House effectively bribing members of COngress not to investigate their illegal domestic spying programs. (WaPo)-- White House hasn't bothered to staff the commission established to safeguard inidividual rights and liberties because they don't acre enough about them to even make the effort. (LATimes)-- Senior military officials warned that Administration policies would lead to torture and worse, and the Pentagon and WH ignored their assessments. (WaPo and NYTimes)And those are only a few examples in the foreign policy arena. Imagine how effective this could be on a whole host of economic, domestic and other issues across the broad spectrum of Adminsitration incompetence and lies and Orwellian spin? If everyone who reads here every day was responsible for one letter every couple of weeks -- that is reaching a whole host of people in a whole lot of towns all across America.Most people I know here in my town don't read the major national newspapers. They read our local paper. And every day in that paper, some wingnut writes in a nonsensical rant. Isn't it about time we start pushing back? One letter, one phone call, one day at a time. Talking about things from our own perspective, how poor decisions from this Administration have badly impacted our own lives, in our own towns. Hitting people where they live, with facts and information they can understand...and discuss around the watercooler or in the break room.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Saddam Warned U.S. Of Terrorism From Al Qaeda,,1711844,00.html

so, according to these video tapes in the mid 90's, Saddam went out of his way to tell us about terrorism knocking at our door.

In another development, ABC television on Wednesday night aired audio tapes of Saddam Hussein's cabinet meetings during the mid-1990s, including a segment in which he says he warned Washington of a terror attack. "Terrorism is coming. I told the Americans," Saddam is heard saying, adding that he "told the British as well". However, he adds: "This story is coming, but not from Iraq."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No Inquiry Concerning Our 4th Amendment Getting Trashed

The new strategy the administration will use to avoid exposing themselves for the crimes they've committed against the constitution of the United States of America will be to "compromise" with congress and "change existing law so there is no concern"

They will make believe they are giving something up in order to avoid the inquiry into what they have been doing behind the back of congress.

Will this strategy fool just about everybody?


We Are Getting Played

As far as the big media blitz concerning Cheney's shooting accident, I am telling you we are getting played

There is no question about it. in the new York area there is talk radio 77 wabc they have NEVER to my knowledge criticized a republican, ESPECIALLY this administration yet all over the station this morning they were punishing Cheney for how he handled this...even they were mentioning possible alcoholism we're getting played, let's make sure we don't play right into their hands

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Senator seeks NSA probe in fiery speech

text courtesy of raw story

now this is the patriots talk, this is what the people that founded this country are waiting for, someone to make SURE the vision of this republic is not lost under the sun
just a snippet, but this is POWERFUL stuff, please read in entirety
while not the beginning of his speech, I took the snippet from here, please pay special attention to what the fourth amendment of our sacred constitution actually says

The Fourth Amendment reads clearly, "The right of the people to be secure in
their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and
seizures shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable
cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place
to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
The Congress has
already granted the Executive Branch rather extraordinary authority with changes
in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that allow the government 72 hours
after surveillance has begun to apply for a warrant. If this surveillance
program is what the President says it is, a program to eavesdrop upon known
terrorists in other countries who are conversing with Americans, then there
should be no difficulty in obtaining a warrant within 72 hours. One might be
tempted to suspect that the real reason that the President authorized
warrant less surveillance is because there is no need to have to bother with the
inconveniences of probable cause. Without probable cause as a condition of
spying on American citizens, the National Security Agency could and can, under
this President's direction, spy on anyone and for any reason. We have only the
President's word, his "trust me", to protect the privacy of the law-abiding
citizens of this country. And one must be especially wary of an Administration
that seems to feel that what it judges to be a good end, always justifies any
means. It is, in fact, not only illegal under our system, but morally
reprehensible to spy on citizens without probable cause of wrongdoing. When such
practices are sanctioned by our own President, what is the message we are
sending to other countries which the United States is trying to convince to
adopt our system? It must be painfully obvious to them that a President, who can
spy at will on any citizen, is very unlike the model of democracy that the
Administration is trying to sell abroad.

indeed...what country would welcome the kind of government this one is demonstrating overseas?
does anyone know what a "Judah sheep" is?

these are sheep that lead their brethren to the slaughter and step aside when the time is right to do it again
we are told to vote against our own interest, we are told it is a good idea to export what this administration has exported overseas

we are told it's a great idea to take middle class dollars and give it to rich people

we are told it's a good idea to divert vital resources needed from the fight against the people that attacked us in Afghanistan in order to create a war on an undefended country

and we are told it's a great idea to forsake our constitution

and most of us follow these Judah sheep as if we have no mind

where are we today, what will we be in the very near future?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More On Cheney's Quick Draw has did some excellent research, Cheney was actually hunting illegally when he shot the near geezer

A check of TPWD license records indicated that while the Vice President had purchased a valid non-resident hunting license, he had not purchased the required upland game bird stamp.
In other words, Cheney was hunting illegally. Here’s Sec. 43.652 of the code he broke, according to the official accident report pictured above:
(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), a person may not hunt a migratory or upland game bird in this state unless the person possesses the appropriate migratory or upland game bird stamp, as applicable, issued to the person by the department
Breaking the law constitutes a Class C violation of Texas Parks and Wildlife

and though corporate media is trying to represent this as a common accident, Texas had under 3 hunting accidents per 100,000 hunting licenses sold in 2005.

oh ya, quite common, eh?

back to Valéry Wilson and the breach of our national security by the offices of the administration

it's kind of lame but defenders of the administration are still trying to claim she wasn't a covert asset

this in spite of the fact that the special prosecute who the president not only hired but endorsed as doing a fine job has published that as a fact she was and some serious harm was done to our national security

anyway, raw story has what Valery was working on in this article;

Outed CIA agent 'was working on Iran'

theyhave found out exactly what her program was working on when the operation was laid to waste.

they were infiltrating Iran and finding out exactly what kind of threat they were.

that asset is lost ...wonderful

the president has made a pledge that if he found out someone was involved in this leak they would no longer work in the administration

he has a pledge to fulfill and an obligation to protect our national secrets from those people that are responsible for this breach of security

when is he going to be the republican he claims to be and hold these people to account for what they have done?

Sunday, February 12, 2006


The first thing you need to do is put your country before your party

Party loyalty will be the ruin of America, when you think something is happening that shouldn't be happening, do your very best to sound an alarm no matter the person doing it is a member of your own party

that's the sermon for the day, my first post is going to be pretty light I guess

check this out;

Hehe...pretty inept, our vice president actually shot a 78 year old man on a hunting trip this weekend.

Anyway, here's something I've been waiting to happen for a long time as a republican who is disgusted with what the republican politicians are doing to this government;

Both democrats and republicans are livid about the breach of our national security and Cheney is FINALLY getting republicans to realize he is no friend to the United States of America.

Republican senators have actually asked the special prosecute to include Cheney in the investigation

That will take this investigation in the direction it's supposed to go, Libby is a pawn and a puppet.

If America is to remain regain the image of being the beacon of democracy it she has GOT to hold to account those that have turned her into what she is today.

This is an interesting read, it's hard to believe republicans are finally finding their real party tenets and might actually hold their representatives accountable for damage that they do to this country

I'm going to stay tuned, the Rove machine is pretty efficient and will probably be able to reel these patriots back in line

A quote from George Allen;

I don't think anybody should be releasing classified information, period, whether in the Congress, executive branch or some underling in some bureaucracy.

It doesn't really matter what we think though, the worse the infringement, the more this administration defends their action

Here's basic information on how to handle classified information;

Now, here's something that EVERYBODY needs to sit up and take notice of;,,2089-2036182,00.html

One of our operatives has been "retired" because he thinks his orders to torture people in his charge are illegal and would cause harm to this country.

I agree, but he is going to pay a price now for challenging those that ordered him to break the law.

I have to go for now, stay tuned